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Apple – Custom Integration

Apple custom integration


The SDK is designed to work with iOS 8 and up. If you would like to install the SDK manually instead of using CocoaPods, see the instructions here.

Via CocoaPods

Put this in your Podfile and then run pod install:

source ''
source ''

target :"" do
    pod 'payworks', '2.32.1'

Additional steps

For Bluetooth devices like Miura readers , to connect as an external accessory and be able to receive messages while the app is in the background, add additional entries to your Info.plist

  • Key: Supported external accessory protocols (UISupportedExternalAccessoryProtocols), Value: com.miura.shuttle (for Miura readers)
  • Key: Required background modes (UIBackgroundModes), Value: App communicates with an accessory (external-accessory)

Then, import the framework in your header file:

#import <mpos_core/mpos_extended.h>

And that’s it – you are good to go to implement your first transaction workflow!

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