Capture Payment

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After a payment have been processed, you need to capture the payment. After the settlement period you receive your money from Yourpay. The settlement period varies depending on your agreed terms with Yourpay.

It is easy to capture your payments with our API function ‘capture_payment’. To get you started, look at the code example here.

TIP You can open the file with notepad, if you do not have an editor for viewing source code.

You run the file by uploading it to your server and navigating to the file through your browser. When you do this, you are presented with the following input form:


To help you fill in the form, look at the table below:

The request parameters are written in italic

Name Description
Merchant ID (merchantid) The merchantid that the payment belong to.
Time ID(timeid) The time id can be found in the response of ‘process_payment’ under the key ‘time’
PaymentID (paymentid) A six diget code used to identify the payment.
Amount (amount) The amount to capture for settlement in the subunit of your currency.

If everything is entered correctly and is valid, you should get a JSON response saying the payment was confirmed.