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To get a list of callbacks from our API, you can send a request to the function ‘callback_list_new‘. To get started look at the code example here.

TIP You can open the file with notepad, if you do not have an editor for viewing source code.

When you run the code by uploading the file to your server and navigating to it, you will see the following input form:


For an explanation on how to fill in the form, please look at the table below:

The request parameters are written in italic

Name Description
Merchant Token (token) You can get this token by logging into our admin portal at and look under integration settings.
From (from) The index from which the list should begin. I.E. How many records should be skipped from the start of the list.
Limit (limit) The index from which the list should end.

On submit you get an array in the JSON response with the following data:

Name Description
unixtime Unix timestamp of the moment the callback was made.
tid The transaction id.
callbackurl The callback URL defined when processing the transaction.
callbackstatus If the callback is resolved ‘1’ for yes & ‘0’ for no.
lasttry Unix timestamp of the last time the callback was attempted processed.
tries The amount of times attempted to resolve the callback.