Process your payments through 3D Secure

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You can create your own 3D Secure payment window through Yourpay. Please be aware that a higher
PCI-compliance can be required when you use this service.

You are required to use real card data to test our 3D Secure platform as it will provide the most
accurate results in the transaction process. It is not possible to activate 3D Secure on activated
merchant accounts without contacting Yourpay.

You can find examples of our code here!

TIP You can open the file with notepad, if you do not have an editor for viewing source code.

When you run the code you are presented with a form to fill in. The form looks like this:


If you look at the code example then each of the query variables we send to the payment window are listed under the name attribute of the input fields.

When you have filled in the form and submitted it you are sent to this payment window.


If you have never used 3D Secure with the card before you are prompted to connect it with a phone number. A text message is then sent to the specified phone number, containing a 6 digit confirmation code. Write it in the available input field.

When you click on the confirmation button your payment will be processed, and you will be returned to the URL you specified in the form input.

Congratulations! You have now completed a payment with 3D secure, and you should be able to see the payment in the Yourpay dashboard.